Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Very Own Dystopia

I don't like talking too much on the blog about things I'm working on. You know... the books that might never see the light of day. I also don't really like getting political here. But the parallels between the book I've been querying and current events are making me twitchy.

You see, Memory Keeper was written over a year ago. It takes place in a world that has been ravaged by war, where people die between twenty and twenty-five, which makes reproducing early and often a necessity if there's any hope to keep the human race alive. So... bad stuff happens in the name of saving the world. Really bad stuff. Women (girls) become little more than broodmares, and when push comes to shove, after a certain age, it's far more important to save the baby than save the mother.

The thing is politicians are making me wonder if we are going to have a world like this before an apocalypse makes it "necessary." Things that are happening now:

There are more things. This is all over the news and the internet, and the hits keep coming.

But we don't live in a post-apocalyptic world where we're struggling to keep humanity alive--we live now. The idea that laws are being pushed that would essentially turn women into livestock is terrifying. What's next? Stonings? Burning at the stake? Scarlet letters? We are supposed to move forward with the times, not back. Women need to take a united stand for our rights, or soon enough the government could take them all away.

We're on a path to our very own dystopia. I hope we don't have to travel very far down that road before people stand up collectively and fight back. May we work together to stop this before ending it requires a revolution.


  1. MK needs to be published NOW. You bring up some excellent points, and I totally agree. This is so very, very scary and sick and wrong.

    And scary as hell.....

  2. I agree wholeheartedly and I am surprised that the people who are behind these archaic ideas and plans have been able to carry on for so long. I would expect them all to have been shut down by now by all the women their "ideals" will affect.

    1. It terrifies me, and they seem to be gaining ground. The thing in Georgia? That law (with some modifications) is now waiting for the governor to sign it into law. Every time this stuff comes up I wish more and more that I could move to Canada.


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