Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guest: J.A. Campbell and Summer Break Blues

Please welcome the brilliant and wonderful J.A. Campbell to the blog today. Her new release, Summer Break Blues, just came out and you should definitely pick up a copy ASAP! Read on and check out the vampire-y goodness :) 

Thank you all for joining me in celebrating the book release of my second young adult urban fantasy, Summer Break Blues. This is the sequel to Senior Year Bites and picks up a few months after it left off with Meg’s graduation from high school.

Vampires are dead… no one is reading them now… people have moved on. That’s what you hear from the industry “professionals.” HAHAHAHAAH I say. True Blood anyone? Vampire Diaries? Yep, we’ve moved on… into more vampires.

People have always had a fascination with vampires, from the myths in the Balkins about vampire pumpkins, to almost every other culture that has had some sort of blood drinking being. I don’t see that going away just because a few professionals say so. Humans have been fascinated by the concept for centuries. A few decades of “lots of vampire books,” certainly aren’t going to change that. To me it has just added fuel to the interest.

That being said, these days it seems like writing vampire fiction as a newbie makes you look like you’re just jumping on the bandwagon. Yep, that’s me… bandwagon girl… except I started writing vampire fiction back in, oh… 2000 I think. Way back when the Anita Blake series was one of my favorite reads and only a few of them were published. LKH and Kelley Armstrong certainly inspired me in my love of Urban Fantasy, before it was a booming genre, but I liked vampires before that too.

I think, just like any other popular genre, there is room for many more stories. Everyone has their own spin on things. Three of us at Decadent just published young adult urban fantasies with vampires, werewolves and all sorts of other supernatural creatures in them, and they are quite different. And Decadent obviously thought there was room for all of our stories. I agree.

What do you think? Are vampires dead? Or Undead as it were. Do we have room for more stories?

Meg managed to survive her senior year of high school as a vampire, and now she’s looking forward to a relaxing summer with her friends before trying to tackle college. Unfortunately, some unfinished business from the previous year rears its ugly head and Meg is forced to deal with the Sidhe who are distinctly unhappy that she killed one of their kind last winter. Then Ann’s parents vanish while they are on their annual summer vacation in Maine and it’s up to Meg and the rest of the gang to come to the rescue. Though she is still trying to figure out who, and what she has become, Meg and her friends feel they are up to the challenge. That is until things really start to fall apart.
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Julie writes fantasy novels. When she’s not out riding her horse, she can usually be found sitting in front of her computer with a cat on her lap and her dog at her side.