Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNoReb(el)s: Party's Started, You Coming?

So, the first write-ins went well (I think 6 people the first night, and maybe 8 last night). We even had a couple visitors last night (the dynamic duo of Skyla Dawn Cameron and Dina James). If you haven't heard, the chatzy write-ins are going to be a nightly thing. If you can join us, keep an eye on Twitter (remember, OUR hashtag is #NaNoRebs) or Facebook. There will probably be some nights I won't be around to start things, which means the link to the room won't be on my feed/page, so please plan accordingly.
Chrissey expressed interest last week about doing some write-ins timed better for our European Rebels. I'm in for this (as long as it isn't when I have to pick up my kids), but a lot of people on this side of the big water can only do daytime write-ins on the weekend. Here's the thing. You do NOT need to have some weird sort of approval for a #NaNoRebs write-in. Post about it on Twitter (with the hashtag so we can find it) a day or two in advance and then whack those of us who look like we might be around with a shovel once you open the chatzy room. (Doing that is easy. Go to, type in the name you're using and name it NaNoRebs Write-In. Once you're in, you have a direct link to share.)

Also, I might, once I'm on a normal-ish daytime schedule, start doing word sprints throughout the day. These are going to be when I have time (aka unplanned). You can start these too.

Basically I'm doing what I can, but I'm just me. Be a Rebel and throw something out there for us *gasp* without my say-so. You can do it. It's fun. Then point and laugh as I sit in the corner crying because your thing was bigger and better than my thing. *sniff* ;-)

The long and short of it is, we've made a good start, but I need people on board so we can get the most out of this. Follow each other on Twitter so you can see who might be in your timezone and able to do sprints and word wars and write-ins on your schedule. The party's started. Let's see if we can keep it going strong all month :)
Our list of #NaNoRebels:
Julie Particka(Seleste deLaney) / @Selestedelaney / eastern
Gareth / @FalcataTimes
Noelle Pierce / @NoellePierce
Danielle LaPaglia / @Dannigrrl5 / pacific
J.A. Campbell / @PFirewolf / mountain
Terri / @Angbuf / central
Tammy Crosby / @CrosbyWrites
Misha (CanadianSportsChick) / ? / eastern
Katee Robert / @Katee_Robert / pacific
Kelly Metz / @bwlrgrl300 / eastern
Rae Lori / @RaeLori
Chrissey / @ArcadeStarlet / eastern +5 (not sure what it's called...)
Donna / @DBReynoldswrite / pacific
Todd DeSilva / @todddesilva
Janelle Alexander / @Janellealexandr / pacific
Jennifer Baker / @BronwynK / eastern
Sean Hayden / @ShaydenFl / eastern

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