Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scheduling for NaNo!

For those NaNo Rebels who missed it, I posted about our new hashtag over at my other blog, along with asking what your goals were for NaNovember. Get your butt over there and deal with that. Then come back. I'll wait.

Done? Good.

Okay, so one of the things we talked about doing was virtual write-ins. My plan is to do them on Chatzy because it's easy, but that means we won't be able to have a link until close to doing it.'ll have to check the blogs and/or facebook/twitter. However, you don't need me to lead these things. I'm here as a facilitator mainly. If I can't do a write-in when a bunch of you want to, let me know and I'll still post it on the schedule along with who's leading that puppy.

But... if we want to schedule them in advance, we need an idea of when people are available. I'm in Michigan, so eastern time, but I know other people are elsewhere. In order to get our butts organized, I'd like everyone to give a general idea of where they are state/province/country if not US/Canada, timezone, and a rough idea of when you are most available for writing/write-ins.

Also, make sure we have your twitter handle if you're on twitter so we can follow each other. Most people that I follow already, I'm following as @Selestedelaney, so if you haven't followed me yet, follow that me (or both of me if you want, but that's where I'll follow back from). And feel free to poke me with an @mention if I haven't followed you yet.
To kick things off, I'd like to do a Nov. 1 write-in. I'd say do a midnight est one on Halloween, but timezones make that unworkable. My unavailable times are before noon and between about 4-10 pm. 10pm-2am are my prime writing hours. Let me know who could make it sometime on Tuesday and we'll set it up. :)

Our list of #NaNoRebels:
(Name/Twitter Handle/Timezone/best availability)
Julie Particka(Seleste deLaney) / @Selestedelaney / eastern / 12-3:30pm & 10pm-2am
Gareth / @FalcataTimes
Noelle Pierce / @NoellePierce
Danielle LaPaglia / @Dannigrrl5
J.A. Campbell / @PFirewolf
Terri / @Angbuf
Tammy Crosby / @CrosbyWrites
Misha (CanadianSportsChick) / ?
Katee Robert / @Katee_Robert
Kelly Metz / @bwlrgrl300
Rae Lori / @RaeLori
Chrissey / @ArcadeStarlet
Donna / @DBReynoldswrite
Todd DeSilva / @todddesilva
Janelle Alexander / @Janellealexandr
Sean Hayden / @ShaydenFl / eastern


  1. I'm available evenings and weekends. Generally, I'd say 8pm - midnight, eastern time.

  2. I'm available evenings and weekends as well. I'm usually available from 8:30pm - 11pm Central in the evenings. Weekends would depend on plans made.

  3. I'm available late nights around 9 pm to early morning every day. If you are around tonight, I'm game for a write-in. I'll be kicking it off now til a little past midnight tonight central time. :-D

  4. Okay, I mentioned this on Twitter, (Remember to follow @Selestedelaney) but for those who missed it, our first write in is Tuesday, November 1, at 10pm-midnight eastern time. I'll be posting the chatzy link on Twitter and on the other blog (


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